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SDG Caretaker: An AI Platform responsible for providing accessible and efficient information on the implementation of the 17 SDGs. Increasing Accessibility, Monitoring Global Progress and Enhancing Collaboration.


The SDG Caretaker is a platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to provide monitoring information on each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the global, regional, and local levels. It leverages AI to offer unprecedented accessibility and generate data-driven insights on SDG progress. Moreover, it provides recommendations based on best practices and real-time lessons learned from past and existing SDG initiatives, ensuring efficiency. Additionally, the SDG Caretaker serves as a platform to connect individuals worldwide who are involved in projects related to each SDG. This network of collaboration helps localize global objectives. Our project is built on four key aspects: AI-powered monitoring, data-driven insights, a transparent project repository, and global collaboration. These four fundamental aspects enhance information accessibility, transparency in progress, and provide effective solutions for utilizing insights to increase efficiency. This level of efficiency was previously unattainable.
“Our mission is to empower global progress towards realising the SDGs and increase accessibility, monitoring and collective action by leveraging the power and agility of artificial intelligence.” 


Despite global efforts to achieve the SDGs, progress towards the targets often varies across regions and countries, lacking consistency. We have identified several key problems that demand a robust, agile, and holistic response:
  1. Lack of transparent, reliable and accessible data that tracks the progress towards achieving the SDGs despite a significant amount of publicly available data
  2. Limited monitoring of the SDGs
  3. Dis-harmonised data, marked by the absence of an accessible global knowledge platform focused on the SDGs
  4. Hindered knowledge management caused by silos between and within institutions and organizations
  5. The absence of an easily accessible network for connecting unrelated projects and fostering increased collaboration with potential synergies
All of the above makes it difficult to assess the impact of existing interventions and to identify areas where additional efforts are needed. We aim to connect individuals and organisations working on various projects related to each SDG, and facilitate transparency on SDG progress as well as identify and provide solutions to problems in real time.


The AI SDG Caretaker provides a network of connected platforms for the 17 SDGs, leveraging these AI platforms so that the SDG Caretaker is able to focus on each goal as well as the many cross cutting sections. We aim to develop a singular Caretaker that exists within a variety of environments, each environment will consist of one 17 SDGs, depending on the focus of inquiry, relevant information on that SDG and the interactive AI SDG Caretaker. Users are able to interact with the Caretaker, in relation to one of the 17 SDGs, all or a select few. The Caretaker, within it’s different environments, will be developed using the same API. The Caretaker will analyse and interpret data from various sources, presenting monitoring information on target indicators in an accessible dashboard. By collecting and integrating fragmented information from public sources, including UN and World Bank publications, the platform offers interactive access to SDG-related knowledge for diverse user personas. The AI SDG Caretaker also facilitates connections between individuals and organisations, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. This localised approach helps bridge the gap between global objectives and local implementation, empowering stakeholders to drive progress toward the SDGs. Through tracking, analysing and sharing actionable data. It can identify pain pints, ways to save stakeholders significant time, energy and funding as well as allowing transparent and accessible information openly accessible of all


By developing the AI Caretaker, we seek to achieve 4 main outcomes that we believe will benefit stakeholders across the globe:
  1. Increased accessibility to information on SDG progress that is easily accessible, transparent, and accurate
  2. A globally utilised tool that significantly supports advocacy and raises awareness
  3. A global platform that includes information on all SDG related projects, and that will become the go-to resource for any individual or organisation that is involved or working towards achieving one or several SDGs.
  4. A global caretaker with the inbuilt technology to be able to analyse and provide solution significantly more efficiently and far more quickly than is currently done

Call to Action

The SDG AI Caretaker, for each of the 17 SDGs, provides an innovative solution that leverages artificial intelligence to provide monitoring information on the progress towards achieving the SDGs and connect individuals and organisations working on various projects related to each SDG. The network of AI platforms has the potential to enhance collaboration and knowledge-sharing, improve decision-making, and ultimately contribute to the achievement of SDGs. 
We invite any interested stakeholders, collaborators and supporters to join this project. Collaboration is key to ensuring its success. Some of our asks are:
  1. Help us to find Funding and further support for this open access initiative
  2. Support us with your technical skills
  3. Partner with us and/or become a stakeholder of the SDG Caretaker initiative
  4. Help build our network by sharing this idea
  5. Help provide suggestions on how we can increase innovation, efficiency and make this a reality
SDG Caretaker: An evolving AI Platform for for Democratising Access to Information Monitoring SDG Global Progress, and Enhancing Collaboration for the 17 SDGs.

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